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Who is Jesushed and for what purpose? We are here for the music!

About Jesushed

Jesushed, is a Thrash / Heavy Metal band, founded by Fabio Curtis, in the City of Mogi das Cruzes in São Paulo in 2015...

Contrary to what many people think, despite having Jesus in the band's name and following the Christian faith, Jesushed is not a "Gospel" band, as most of our songs are based on true facts, current events,biblical stories, also reinterpretatios of songs by others artists that we admire. We perform at any type of event, festivals, concerts and parties in general. We think it's a big mistake on the part of Brazilian culture to label bands as gospel or not, because all music is an art form, regardless of style or theme. In other countries, there is also prejudice, but you can find festivals where bands considered gospel and others do not perform together on the same stage. In our concept, we only consider to be a Gospel or religious band, the one that presents itself in Churches or Temples and religious events voluntarily in worship of God, without any lucrative purpose. Just as other rock bands approach different themes such as: the system, politics, or any other subject, we prefer to use the bible as an inspirational source to compose some lyrics with meaningful messages of faith and hope, because we believe that music has a great power to influence and can help people in some way, at some point in life. Our riffs and melodies are contagious and full of energy and also our goal is to show the importance that art and culture have in shaping the character of a better society. In the instrumental part, we have the influence of bands like: Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Slayer, among others, and the compositions of some songs are based on the text:
“God created music and gave us the ability to create different types of music. In the Bible, music serves mainly to praise God. Psalms is a book of songs. Music also serves to express different feelings about life situations. Music is a blessing from God. The music in the Bible could be solemn, to reflect, or be very cheerful, to celebrate. The Israelites used several different wind, string and percussion instruments, sang and even danced in the presence of God"!

Origin of the name Jesushed:
Upon returning from the United States, I had some songs to be recorded, the name Jesushed came up because in one of the songs it contains an excerpt that says: “That Jesus shed, another story...”, Jesus shed means Jesus shed, and it really was what He did for all humanity, not making sense of people and regardless of belief respecting each one..

Ridd - The band's mascot and logo:
In 2018, the mascot of the band appeared, named Ridd, which comes from the word Rider, whose meaning is cyclist, rider among other translations, as I am also a biker, I found the perfect name. Ridd is characterized by a smiling skull wearing a skateboarder helmet, many associate the skull with death or something bad, but for us the Ridd character means that we are all the same, regardless of color, race, social class, creed or gender.

The band's discography has two full albums, five EPs, one of which covers songs, eighteen singles recorded between 2020 and 2022, also five video clips, it is worth mentioning the clip "Supermother" that was filmed in the Tuscany region of Italy in 2020, and a DVD recorded live during the Jesushed in Concert event, held at Theatro Vasques in the City of Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo. In the European summer of 2022, band leader Fabio Curtis travelled to the UK to promote new work material entitled UK Mission. Scenes from a new video clip were shot in the cities of York in England and Edinburgh in Scotland. The video with the name "UK Mission... Spread the Word, you can find it on the band's youtube channel. Taking advantage of the trip, Fabio also dedicated himself to missionary work, spreading the good news in the places where he passed and the whole story was registered to be published in the book "Missão Reino Unido", and to conclude participated in an interview that will be published in the illustrated book entitled CHI-RHO of the English Company Heavy Music Artwork.

Fabio Curtis
Luciano de Souza
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Marcelo Barutti


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