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Fabio Curtis
He had his first contact with a music, when he was a child, he played snare at the university school in the capital of São Paulo. In adolescence and youth, nightclub listeners of heavy metal bands, Iron Maiden and Megadeth, their main influences. Fábio also liked to draw, and he painted t-shirts with drawings of the covers of the discs. Perhaps he has inherited his artistic vein from his family since he has been a movie actor in Europe, his best style of violin playing and making woodwork and his mother very much like to paint paintings. He is also a sports lover like Surf and in 1986 decided to create a fashion wave and express his art on t-shirts. He became a fashion designer, a designer brand, and produced fashion shows at renowned venues such as the Victoria Pub located in a neighborhood of the City of São Paulo. In 1991, he moved to the City of Mogi das Cruzes, where he made some visits, "Surf Shops" that sold his products. Continued to produce fashion shows and other events with rock bands and other styles, we can cite a landmark event in the City that was produced with the reggae band Cidade Negra. In 1995, he returned to meet the music and decided the school. Six years after his studies, he created a first rock band titled "Brave Heart", his ex-wife and brother also joined the band, played songs and some covers of Megadeth, Black Sabath, among others. They even came up with a small EP, but nothing professional. They did some parties in bars and schools of region, but in 1997, the pair of musicians embarked for Japan, where also they presented new songs like songs but without any performances. In 1998, when returning to Brazil, Fábio started to teach driums lessons in two schools in São Paulo. He returned to Japan even more than 3 times later. After a period of travel and learning, only year 2007 again formed a new band, this time with the name of "Surfer of Christ". An idea of ??the name came from the sport he practiced, surf, and "Christ", for he became a follower of Jesus' teachings.The band was a mix of rock and reggae and lasted about 2 years, recording only a single demo with five tracks and performed in some public places, squares, events and in public schools and churches of the region of São Paulo and Greater São Paulo . As Fábio was always fond of the Heavy Metal style, due to his influences, in 2009 he formed the band called "No Thanxs". They recorded a single and two CDs, taking on good projections due to the highlight of the remarkable, heavy riffs and inspiring lyrics of the songs. The band made small and large presentations in São Paulo and other cities, among them we can mention the opening of the show by the former vocalist of rock band Raimundos, Rodolfo Abrantes. "No Thanxs" participated in interviews on radios, newspapers and some local television channels. In 2012, Fábio announces the end of the band, for personal reasons and incompatibility of ideas. That same year, he traveled to the United States to improve his English skills and also to do a theological study at the Dunamis Resource Center led by Pr. Dennis Walker and Israel Silva. In February of 2013, he returned to Brazil and began a new stage in his career as guitarist and vocalist of a solo project titled "Jesus Freack Rock" starting the new compositions. All songs are of their own making, mostly written in English and Portuguese, because English is a universal language, and are based on the Holy Bible and also on true facts and themes of current reality. The presentations are enhanced in shows, festivals, churches, schools and events in general with the goal of bringing the true message of the gospel to the knowledge of people, whether Christian or not, emphasizing freedom, without religious dogmas and doctrines, nor created standards by some leaders. At the end of the year 2013, he returned to the United States for another season of presentations and divulgation of his new work. Touring the Cities of Las Vegas and Henderson and among some famous places, we can mention: - Mega Store Samash Music - Money Plays - BB's Club House, where he performed at the event in commemoration of US veterans with the special participation of ex- guitarist of thrash metal band Megadeth, Jeff Young. He then traveled to Mexico City to perform at the Veracruzano Social and Cultural Center at La Caverna Rock Bar. Upon returning to Brazil in 2014, the project was renamed "Jesushed", a more original name with a profound meaning : "Jesus Shed." In 2015, he released the CD Born Again, in 2017 the EP 360 and in October 2018 the EP "End Times", that is currently on tour. In November of 2018, "Jesushed" became a band, and currently has the following members: Fábio Curtis - Vocal and Guitar, Bruna Alves - Vocal, Jallas Shultz - Solo guitar, Maicon Martins - Bass and Clayton Rodrigues - Drums.

Jallas Shultz
He is a Brazilian guitarist also songwriter born in Mogi das Cruzes-SP. He started his studies in music in the year 2000. He formed a rock band with his friends, all beginners in his instruments, where he made the first presentations. In 2004, he simultaneously invested in violin studies and later joined a chamber orchestra where he established himself as the Spalla (1st Violin) of the orchestra. In her it made diverse spectacles in commemorative dates in different cities. At that time he was invited to be a violinist for a Folk Metal project, but the six strings spoke louder and he took over the solo guitars of the project. He continued studying music and acted as a supporting guitarist on some projects, such as Rock, Pop and Soul Music. He taught theory, harmony, guitar and guitar. In 2012 he founded Bercero Tercinatto, already with a heavy metal band, performed some shows that, by public vote, was the winning band of distinct Festivals and of relevance in the area. Touched in concerts of G3 Workshop, Free to Worship and PG in the Jesus´s march in Mogi das Cruzes and neighboring cities in different editions. During these presentations dividing stage with other bands of distinct styles, it met the request of a friend, leader of a band of reggae with a full schedule needing guitarist. And so joined the band Wanna Ruts, further developing their musicality. At the end of 2018 he accepted the invitation of Fábio Curtis for an acoustic presentation with the Jesushed Band and in the beginning of 2019 he is invited to join the band officially

Bruna Alves
She began in 2018 as a soprano choir at the Coral do Carmo in Mogi das Cruzes-SP, that since 1985 the Carmo Choir has been widely honored to this day. Soon after, she started singing lyrical singing with the conductor of the choir, Guilherme Wassilis and accompaniment with the pianist Carlos Zappile and friends of the choir. She made presentations with the Carmo Choir at the São Paulo Cultural Patrimony Day, the 33rd anniversary concert of the Carmo Choir, the Christmas Concert with Carlos Gomes Philharmonic Orchestra of São Bernardo do Campo and the Traditional Christmas Concert at the Church of São Benedito and the Church of Socorro. With repertoires of Mozart, Bach, Faurê, Handel, Puccini, among other composers. Currently participates in invitations and presentations of the Coral of Carmo. In 2018 he accepted the invitation of Fábio Curtis to sing in an acoustic presentation with the band Jesushed and at the beginning of 2019 is invited to integrate the band officially as vocal.

Maicon Martins
He started his musical career at the age of 12, playing drums at the Assembleia de Deus Nipo Brasileira Church. At the age of 18, he migrated to the Brazilian Ministry for Christ, where he also began playing bass, and remained until the age of 25. He is currently a member of the Church Plenitude da fé.

Clayton Rodrigues
He had his first contact with the musical instrument, drums, at the age of 13, in 2003 at the "Cristo Jesus" church in Mogi das Cruzes where he was a member. He began his studies on classical styles of the Christian harp and some Brazilian rhythms in general. Always focused on being a professional drummer, he deepened his musical studies. In 2009, he had his first band experience called "Toque na Orla", pop music. The following year, 2010 was nominated to join a Vinquin Metal band called "Hildemed." But had not enough experience. He had the opportunity, in early 2011, to play in a heavy metal band called Emunah and then changed the name to Tercinatto; where he was a member for six years acquiring musical knowledge. He is a member of the worship Group of the Manancial da fé, also drummer of the Pop Rock band called Armageddon since 2015. In late 2018 he was invited by Fábio Curtis to take a test in thrash metal band Jesushed, that currently to be part .

Line up


Oct 2015 to Jun 2016:
Fabio Curtis - Lead Vocals/Guitar Rhythm/Acoustic
Wellington Ferreira - Guitar Lead/Rhythm/Acoustic
José Carlos - Drums
Line up 1

Dec 2016 to May 2017:
Fabio Curtis - Lead Vocals, Guitar Rhythm/Acoustic
Claudio de Paula - Bass
Will Loesh - Drums
Line up 2

Dec 2018 to present:
Fabio Curtis - Lead Vocals/Guitar Rhythm/Acoustic
Jallas Shultz - Guitar lead/Rhythm/Acoustic
Bruna Alves - Vocals
Maicon Martins - Bass
Clayton Rodrigues - Drums
Line up 3