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2015 - 2018

Born again

Jesushed - 2015

360 degrees

Jesushed - 2017

Fim dos tempos

Jesushed - 2018


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Music n Mission

the divine call

Fabio Curtis
He started his musical career in 1995 when formed his first band of Heavy Metal called Brave Heart, but he discovered that he was an evengelist in 2004 when he first traveled to Vancouver in Canada, and then to Japan where he evangelized his friends of the company where he worked on a beach in Sendai City.As an Events Manager and musician he was thought about doing something more attractive, decided to unite the mission with the music and than, In 2007, Fabio formed the band Christ's Surfers, which lasted about two years, and recorded only one demo CD with five tracks. In 2009, Fabio founded a new band with the same members entitled No Thanxs,The band recorded a single and two CDs, receiving good acceptance. Featured by good arrangements and inspiring lyrics, No thanxs made small and large presentations in Sao Paulo and other cities. . No thanxs participated in interviews in radios, newspapers and some local TVs. In 2012, Fabio announced the end of the band No thanxs for incompatibility of ideas.In January 2012 Fabio have been in Las Vegas for the first time to learn about Holy Scriptures at Dunamis Resource Center, his leaders were Pastor Dennis Walker and Pastor Israel Silva. In February 2013, Fabio starts a new project, this time with the name of Jesushed. At the end of 2013, Jesushed come back to USA and performed for a short season, in the cities of Las Vegas and Henderson. Some famous sites where performed includes the Mega Music Store Sam Ash, and BB's Club House, where he played in the event in celebration of US Memorial Day, with the special feature of former MEGADETH guitarist Jeff Young. Jesushed also performed in Mexico City in the Social and Cultural Centre Veracruzano.All Jesushed´s songs are based on true events and Holy Scriptures. Jesushed carries out its mission playing in several different locations, such as bars, lounges, casinos, parties, festivals, Churches, schools and events in general, with the aim of bringing the true message of the Gospel to the attention of people, whether Christians or not, always showing the freedom brought by the Gospel, without dogmas and religious doctrines or standards created by some leaders.Jesushed released a CD called Born Again in 2015, also released the EP called 360 in 2017 and EP End Times in 2018.

Line up


Oct 2015 to Jun 2016:
Fabio Curtis - Lead Vocals/Guitar Rhythm/Acoustic
Wellington Ferreira - Guitar Lead/Rhythm/Acoustic
José Carlos - Drums
Line up 1

Dec 2016 to May 2017:
Fabio Curtis - Lead Vocals, Guitar Rhythm/Acoustic
Claudio de Paula - Bass
Will Loesh - Drums
Line up 2

Dec 2018 to present:
Fabio Curtis - Lead Vocals/Guitar Rhythm/Acoustic
Jallas Shultz - Guitar lead/Rhythm/Acoustic
Bruna Alves - Vocals
Maicon Martins - Bass
Clayton Rodrigues - Drums
Line up 3